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Error when minimum amount of products is set 1.1


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I just tried this and with clean install You can't buy less than minimum. Even if You try to change the amount later in cart then "-" is inactive. I have no idea what happens when You put this minimum up exactly this time when someone put this in cart when there wasn't minimum.

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I tried in our testshop,   we have an item with a minimum order qty. of  3   (version was 1.08),  then upgraded to 1.1.0   (not the standard theme),

everything is ok also in the 1.1.0 version,  we can not put this item in cart with less than 3,  also in cart we can not change to less than 3  (no minus button visible),  if we change it by hand to 2 we get a message that we have to buy the minimum qty. of 3

So hmm?!  maybe something with your settings or modules? 

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