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Subcategory picture doesn't show



It looks like my TB installation can't show any subcategory picture.

This is a subcategory (Main category > subcategory).

It keeps showing this blank image...the problem is that TB looks for a picture that doesn't exist /shop/img/c/6-0_thumb.jpg

I tried creating a different subcategory (nested inside another main category), and it keeps using the same path as before /shop/img/c/6-0_thumb.jpg

This means that I can't manually create a thumbnail and put it into that directory, because my img would be used for two different subcategories!!

thirtybees error.jpg

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6 hours ago, AndyC said:

Have you checked your images in admin .. I had a similar issue as well

No, I didn't.What should I check?


22 hours ago, zen said:

Whaoo, this is strange.. can I have a look in your back office to try to figure it out ?!

Why not..do you have Skype/Discord or something like that?

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