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I am about to launch my shop and need e list of the adresses of the orders. Csv, Excell or something that I work with to make my ruteplanning.
I can't see something standard to do so, so I have tried the SQL manager (have some experience with SQL), but I cant find the tables containing the orders and adresses.
can anyone help

Kind regards


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It works for us. We don't use it for the same reason. But you can configure it to do things like 

If order status is "Ready for delivery" then create a csv file with orde number, name and address and email to deliveryperson@yourcompnay.com

I am fairly certain you could also use @datakick's module also. Which is perhaps a better option because you can test it for free!


That can be configured with endpoints which are great. So everytime your delivery person clicks a specific URL up pops his list

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