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PayPal Checkout doesn't properly carry cart contents to checkout


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Okay, so when you press checkout on the shop cart and, get redirected to PayPal to pay: The cart contents, total cost and shipping cost doesn't follow through. Also the page isn't secure and some other bugs show up as well.

Any ideas? Problems described in these screenshots: 0_1497078835565_1.png1_1497078835566_2.png

Settings in backoffice, everything looks OK to me: 0_1497078913628_3.png1_1497078913628_4.png2_1497078913628_5.png

Any ideas on how to fix it?

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I don't know if it is relevant. I made a test purchase yesterday 1 product. All went OK it seems to See attachment. We only sell services so no shipping should be shown. The only fishy is that it say subtotal on the last line and not total. See screenshot Normal or Exåress checkout behave the same TB native opc Page is safe and logo shows. tb 1.0.10_1497171016163_Screenshot 2017-06-11 10.49.36.png

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Okay, so not solved but at least progress.

My theory is that the image at the top breaks SSL and broken SSL breaks sending the cart contents.

Now, the page looks to http://www.supergangu.com/img/logo.jpg for the image. I didn't have an image for that path, so I added one through FTP. Now an image shows, but the rest is still broken. Look at the URL, it's not pointing to an https URL. WHERE IS THIS URL SET?? Is it in the module code or somewhere within PayPal settings?

Current: 0_1497190489002_Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.14.21.png

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I need to change or remove that image URL somehow. According to this article from PayPal, it says:

"Merchants who use PayPal payment buttons (PayPal Payments Standard) can set the image_url HTML variable."


Extremely vague. Where is this "image_url HTML variable" set?

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Progress update 2 but still not solved:

I managed to change that image URL through a deeply hidden and obscure page in PayPal: 0_1497192709073_Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.49.58.png


But as you can see, it's still not pushing the cart contents and total to the PayPal checkout page :/

So we're back to square one... I tried deleting the module and reinstalling it, to no avail.

It's really strange that it works fine on Havouzas page... getting more and more desperate for a solution here!

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Should I also downgrade for this issue?

Modules and Services > Payments and Gateways >

Payments and Gateways PayPal v5.1.0 - by thirty bees

Log in with PayPal - error message

"Relying Party Validation error: clientID or redirecturl provided in the request does not match any of the registered clients. Please check the request."

This happens when clicking the "log in with PayPal" button on the checkout page.

I really want my customers to be able to log in with PayPal. I use it all the time when I make purchases.

0_1497389400391_log in with paypal gives error.jpg

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