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Unable to remove hook



So if i go to "Modules and Services / Positions" and i unhook the "Bees Blog Recent Posts" from displayLeftColumn

I get notification "The module was successfully removed from the hook."

But module stays at same spot.


Front end:


Cloudflare is on "Development Mode", cleared all caches still nothing. Also i cant somehow show new products at frontpage, module is positioned to home page, but nothing shows up. Only featured and Bees Blog modules showing.

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I dont know why i didnt work with admin side, but live edit did remove the hook and now its gone. Funny fact, when i see live view / edit, Home page has only: Block Featured Products, Block Bestsellers, Bees Blog Recent Posts and Google Analytics. And Block New Products is missing from Home.

Back end shows little different:


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2 hours ago, M4ketech said:

No it did go crazy and this happened


Seems like there is no way to hook modules New Products to "displayHome".

So until i get that fixed home page is empty. Dunno is this bug or ?


Module 'blocknewproducts' does not implement displayHome hook. That's not a bug in the system.

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