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URGENT: Bug in Free order




It seems there is some kind of bug when trying to place a free order.

Instead of selecting payment method there is just a button to confirm order, but this button doesnt work.

Can anyone help me? It is quite urgent since I have almost 200 clients trying to place their order following this system (they already paid and I gave the a cupon to make this order free)

@datakick Any idea?

A sample video



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some more info. It seems there is something more because both different stores behave different in some aspects:

- the shop with problems can not update the number of items just writing them in the field.

- The shop with the problems does not show the address (only the title)

I recorded a video with both stores and the differences I talk about:



I am quite lost. Is the same instalation, just different stores. And this differences in behaviour I suppose is not configuration because it is more like a bug that a different setting...

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Javascript smartcache concatenates all javascripts file to single file. While this reduces the amount of resources on the page, it has one big drawback - scripts are no longer isolated from each other. If initialization of script A throws an exception, it can prevent script B from running. 

This option should be used only when you are 100% sure all your scripts on the page works OK. Never enable this smartchase if you can see any red lines in javascipt console.




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I believe the culprit is javascript file /modules/addtocartfromurl/views/js/bootstrap.min.js

It contains some very weird string that makes the entire file invalid - when you load it into the page it throws syntax error. When this file is joined with other scripts into smartcache javascript bundle, it will probably make the entire bundle invalid as well.


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