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Advanced templates compatibility



As advanced templates are mostly forgotten when changes are applied to Community-Theme-Default and Niara i would suggest we make some changes in existing templates.

As currently both themes have issues in 5step checkout when in module AEUC "Enable Advanced checkout page" is set to yes.

Both not showing address on 5th step of advanced payment, and niara also not showing TOS checkbox due to no css styling for AEUC override (on 1 and 5page checkout)

If 1page checkout is selected together with AUEC Advanced checkout page, the Community-Theme even trhrows 500 server error.

To keep the backwards compatibility with other themes, controllers for order should stay the same.

The plan is to always use default theme templates which are always updated when fixes or hooks are added, and only adjustments are made to  the system called -advanced.tpl files so that they only call the main .tpl files.

Changes are fairly simple to make (I have them in working state) and they should be future proof when the main files will get fixes/adjustments and we would have better working solution when AEUC is enabled.

And even if new theme gets developed from updated community/niara theme, it will be simpler to maintain only 1 set of order pages, and no need for extra focus on -advanced ones.

We would only keep following -advanced files.

order-opc-advanced.tpl - empty template which calls order-opc.tpl

order-payment-advanced.tpl - changes made for opc and 5 step

order-address-advanced.tpl - for showing address on 5th step, called from order-payment.advanced.tpl


@datakick @Traumflug

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In case if someone wants to try it or review it, the files are in attachment.

I believe this is the way to go with the themes provided by thirty bees as with such modifications one don't need to maintain two different sets of order templates. One for normal and one for AEUC advanced payment page.


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