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Bug? in translation-module-theme showing default language translation



I was going to translate a module (selecting my template in the menu) and I did it. After that, I was going to translate it into a second language. Then, I saw it was already translated (should not be in theme section because I just installed) but the language was not correct and it was filled with the same translation than I just did for my other language… I went to the FTP, and there was not other file that the first language I translated…. So that means it is taken other language when it des not find its own in theme/module/translation

BUT: this was not being applied to frontoffice, only backoffice. But as soon as you save in backoffice it will be shown in the front office too because we would be just creating it.

This is very uncomfortable because it means you can not use the backoffice to translate because it will safe all the section with a wrong language except with what you just modified (one or two phrases from the whole section). To translate it, I had to change the file name of the first language so it can not be recognized, then translate the second language, and then change the file to its original name.

What is stranger is that this did NOT happen when I translated the second (with the first deactivated) and I tried to translate a third language so I ASSUME it only affects to the default language (or the employee backoffice default)


I recorded a video: https://www.loom.com/share/519469f6224e466691e406a2a79a094a

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