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City Not Showing Correctly on Order Form


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I have been testing my payment methods and I see I ma still missing the City from the shipping address on the right-hand side of orders (As Per Image) But if you look at the drop down list it shows fine there. While it is not a major issue it is a pain always having to edit each address on orders.. Have had to covers for security reasons 



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You need to correct: Localization / Countries / Address format

For the country that is showing issues, or for all of them which are not displaying correctly.

Clicking on "use default format" will reset the settings for selected country to Default values.

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Ahhh indeed it was.. They were 1 of the first things I did when I stated using TB, so obviously I didn't do it right

thank for pointing me in the right direction ..It's now correct I think ..Well it is on the order form

firstname lastname


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