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[MODULE] Dynamic contact form on product page


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This module will allow you to quickly integrate a contact form on your product sheets.

This contact form will be easily accessible by a simple click on the button added on your product sheet.

This will allow your customers to contact you directly without leaving the visited product sheet, because we all know that a customer who leaves a product sheet is unlikely to come back.

I've simplified the whole configuration and use of this module as much as possible while keeping it wide customization possibilities so that you can do what you want with it without tearing your hair out at understanding how it can work, simple and didactic.

You can see for yourself by testing the module on its demonstration available on its presentation sheet.




















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1 minute ago, zen said:

Nice module @Mediacom87 🙂

Thanks to you, I try to upgrade all my modules while making them as easy to use as possible, I'm not sure that users realize the work to analyze their behavior but I try to stick to it.


Merci à toi, j'essaye de monter en gamme tous mes modules tout en les rendant le plus simple d’emploi possible, je ne suis pas certain que les utilisateurs se rendent compte du boulot pour analyser leur comportement mais j'essaye de m'y tenir.

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2.5.0 - 12/11/2020
  • Update fancybox script
  • Added the option to disable the use of Fancybox if the site already uses it
  • Addition of the option to attach the product image in the email
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the recording of the module configuration.
  • Responsive form window
  • Added an option on the width of the button
  • Improvement of the form code
  • Addition of the quantity produced in the choice of options of the form
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3.0.0 - 01/24/2021

  • Redesign of the fancybox code
  • Removal of the option to force Fancybox
  • Addition of the RGPD consent
  • Added an option to show or hide the image of the product in the form
  • Adding a character counter on the message if a limit is configured in the module
  • Disable the request button after the form has been sent
  • Added a thank you message on the button when it is disabled after the email is sent
  • Added option to customize the dimensions of the form display window
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3.2.1 - 06/13/2022

  • Fixed a bug when you don't want to display the product image in the form
  • Fixed support for window size configuration
  • Added an option to hide the product image if the cover image does not exist
  • Improvement of the management for the display of the product image on the form
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3.3.0 - 10/21/2022

  • Added compatibility with PrestaShop version 8
  • Fix a cache management bug for PrestaShop version 1.7.4
  • Correction of the form display if the button should not be displayed on the product

3.2.3 - 06/20/2022

  • Correction of the form validation defect when it is attached on the HOOK displayProductAdditionalInfo
  • fixed the defect of displaying the personalized confirmation message after sending the email

3.2.2 - 06/14/2022

  • Correction of small bugs following the last modifications
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