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Just when I thought my site was working 100% I have a rather major error with my accessories module (Product Accessories by Presto-Changeo). When someone was adding engraving ( Product Fields manager - by Anvanto ) if they added an accessory it was doubling the price and coping the engraving as well.

I have had to remove it for now and bring back the TB accessories. Anyway to make a long story short is it possible to make a product area smaller as per example , so everything fits inside the red box


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Sure its possible.

But you have to decide what you want exactly and modify template and css accordingly.

I have removed add to cart buttons, and made the whole box clickable so it links to the product page, as I do want my customers to read description and not adding it to cart directly from grid list and than complaining they didn't have the option to read the description 🙂



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Have figured out what needs doing.

Because the page doesn't get refreshed when they add engraving (In my case) the text is still there. So it adds everything again..The way around would be to refresh the page which I doubt can be done , or very difficult

The 2nd easier option is to remove the add to cart button and enforce quick view or go to product and add to cart either work fine.

Would anyone here know how to achieve this with Panda theme. I think it come from product.tpl as I know where accessories is just not what to remove to remove add to button as have tried a few things but always end up with a 500 page

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managed to get it to work by changing accessory cart== to zero's

I hope this is rigt

                                    {if $st_display_add_to_cart==1 || $st_display_add_to_cart==2}
                                    <div class="act_box {if $st_display_add_to_cart==1} display_when_hover {elseif $st_display_add_to_cart==2} display_normal {/if}">


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