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URL rewriting module of PS 1.6 and compatibilty to TB ?




since two years or so we use the Advanced URL module on Prestashop. It is meant to 'clear' url. addon page

I heard about TB half a year ago and spend today some hours reading about it here in the forum. I am really willing to migrate to TB now since I read that the Envato Warehouse template (we bought its kindle Shoply that is based on Warehouse) is compatible to TB and vice versa.

Since I run our shop for years now I use and bought a handful 3rd party modules. However, we are luckily still on the V1.6 branch and I hope there are no issues to be expected. With one or two excetions:

  • we bought from BELVG a full page caching module. This I am happily willing to disable since TB seems not to this.

  • I run since 2 years or so this VIP Advanced URL module and Google noticed that :)

So, I wonder how to migrate best to ThirtyBees and using its own URL rewrite mechanism without convoluting these due to the named module.

I am no SEO expert and am not able to do any rewritings in httacess. I could imagine a nice worklflow for any migration would be to have a tool that stores the actual URLs of the shop in a DB or CSV and compares these to the TB ones after migration?

thanks alot for helping me here

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I think the best plan to get this happen is to set up a simple test shop with demo products, then tweak Backoffice -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Schema of URLs until URLs match those in your current production shop. Product URLs matching those in the current shop should make SEO happy, no matter which shop software generates and handles them.

That's a common setting for all products, so comparing a few typical samples should be sufficient.

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