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Blockmyaccount always shows user links and logout button


Hello. I'm using TB bleeding edge and Niara theme. I have Blockmyaccount hooked in left column. It doesn't matter if the user is logged in or not, the module shows user links and the button to logout.

I would expect to show a form to login/create account or to not show anything at all.


Captura de pantalla -2020-07-14 17-28-37.png

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Yes, maybe it's better to hide it...

But... Well, I managed to change the .tpl of blockmyaccount and blockmyaccountfooter, with a {if $is_logged}.

Now it shows user links if logged, and 'Sign in' if it's not.

blockmyaccount (on left column)





I attach the files, maybe they are useful.


blockmyaccount.tpl blockmyaccountfooter.tpl

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I was having the same problem with "My account" block always showing up, even when not logged in...

I simply did a Reset in the Backoffice under the "Modules and Services" tab for the "Block My Account" and "Block My Account Footer" modules.

(Click Reset in the drop down list next to those modules under "Modules and Services" tab).

That fixed it with no code modifications.



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