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webp option created bigger images than original size ?!


I am testing some things with webp.

At the moment I noticed that if I activate webp in Thirtybees and regenerate images that wep sizes are bigger than orginal jpg sizes.

Moreover the quality option does seems not to work. I get the same sizes for Q=10 and Q=90.


Also I noticed that the option to delete created mini thumbs before regeneratin images in backoffice does not work as expected. I deletes well all webp images if existing but does not touch created jpg images. I believe this is not ok.



PHP 7.4

Thirtybees bleeding edge 1.1.x

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Size for weight in byte.

And for information hwat I said about cleaing up generated mini thumbs I noticed that the behaviour is as expected on local install (xampp) but not on live store.  A fresh TB install on my host shows the beaviour as stated: mini webp thumbs are deleted but not the jpeg variants.

webp90 tb.jpg

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