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When you set up a new shop you get the possibility to choose what kind of shop you have. Like Garden shop, Fashion etc. But for us there is nothing that comes close in the dropdown so I wanted to add some lines to the db_table involved but I cant seem to find it

Anyone knows where it is?

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On 11/20/2020 at 8:43 AM, wakabayashi said:

Why would you want to do that? As far as I know this is just for stats of ps/tb owner.

As you say, this was only proposed for the PrestaShop installation statistics without ever informing the users that their data was being collected and it is still not possible to block data theft from Prestashop.

This is one of the explanations of the birth of Thirtybees. So this field should be removed, but I guess it was not done because all professionals know that there is no point in filling it in.

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