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Country selector translations missing


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I just realized that the countries selector are not correctly translated. It seems it is an old PS topic.

In my case all the countries are always in spanish (seems to always be the first or default language).

Someone in the PS forum created a module to solve this an translate this fields



But it does not work in TB. Someone with higer technical skill could check if it needs an adaption to TB? Maybe refering to the correct database...

Is there another way to solve this? Translating all countries one by one to each language in the country interface could take days :S

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In the address section for example. 

A colleage help me solving this using this topic: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/865920-names-of-countries-in-any-language-solution-in-place-of-manual-translation/

If someone is in my same situation thise are the codes to copy paste in the SQL section of your database (i add here: french, german, english, romanian)


EDIT: look that database prefix is correct for you

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