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Blank maintenance page


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The website (tb 1.1.0) works fine if I add my IP address while in maintenance mode, I can preview it and test, no problem.

However if I remove the IP address needed to preview the website instead of visualising the courtesy maintenance page I do get a plain blank page.

I tried to activate the debug mode, however no error is shown, just a blank page, I have no idea about how to solve this problem.

What should I check in order to fix that?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


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Hi Andy

Nope, I haven't done it, however I do prefer to fix the problem checking the actual installation and see what causes this, I do use transformer, I am not sure that there are updates available for TB that have not to be tweaked again....

However, I just do not know if it is a issue due to the theme or else, that is why I do ask info to find the culprit...

Thank you

Best regards

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the bigger problem is probably your template!
the transformer template is not fully compatible with TB. only the panda template from sunnytoo is best suited for this. therefore it seems that you have several problems with you.

transformer - see compatibility -> no TB



panda - see compatibility - with TB


best - ask @Jonny

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