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Images displays empty backoffice


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Hi all,

When uploading images in the backoffice, it remains empty with just the standard camera icon.
If i click this, i do see the image, and images does diplsay front office as well.

I definitely would need to see the images in backoffice as well sinds we would need lots of different pictures for one product.

any one has an idea?


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9 hours ago, AndyC said:

Might be the image is missing from Preferences / Images .. Also further down Regenerate thumbnails


Hi andy,

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately thats not the case.

Images are there under the preferences (installed by default and not altered) and i have already regenerated many, many times.
The image is there if i click the camera icon (pop up view with the correct image) but it will only shows the "empty" camera image.

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22 hours ago, musicmaster said:

Those backoffice images are stored under the /img/tmp directory. And they are generated independently from the image formats in Preferences. 

So maybe there is some issue with the rights for this directory.

hi musicmaster,

just checked - the rights for the folder is set at 0755, the files are set for 0664.
Im not sure, but these would be the right ones i believe?

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12 hours ago, The Pellet Guy said:

I had a similar issue 

is this for every image or just random images not showing?

My problem was simply .JPG  was not liked  and I changed the extensions to .jpg  and all worked 






Its for every image unfortunately.

Did you changed the extension from the image itself, or the setting to jpg only?


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