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background colour round mis-fit images - alterable from white

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classes > imagemanager.php 
Some way to change background colour from white to the background color or any other - either instructions somewhere or a color picker in the back office.

Same for any over-ride from a Thirtybees module, such as mdekker's imagemagik; I'm not sure if it works

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I fear a white background is pretty much hardcoded.

That said, back in the times when tb didn't even exist, yet, I tweaked PS (1.6.something) to allow non-square images, which eliminated added background entirely. Images simply keep their aspect ratio:


It was a full implementation, including theme and image manager support. However, I fear I lost this code. I uploaded it to forge.prestashop.com, but this entire tracker was closed, all issues were removed. And I can't find a local copy any longer. *sigh*

Nevertheless I wrote this posting here to give a hint on a possible solution for your challenge.

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