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Extra tabs in the product page


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On a TB 1.1 installation I have created a time ago the extra tab in a product, and all worked pretty fine.

I cloned that same product and noticed that the extra tab was not created.

So I begun to try to create same tab in in those cloned products and I noticed that when I click save it does not work, the message "saved" does not appear, when I get back in the panel to check I see that nothing was saved in fact.

i tried to modify the content of the tab in the same product from which I cloned those new ones, the same happens, there is no way to save anything.

Then I tried to create a new product and create the extra tab in it, same results, does not save anything.

The debug mode is active, but I see no error message.

What should I check to discover what is causing this?

Update, trying to add related products I got the same error, does not save, no error messages, nor the message saved appears, getting back to the tab to settle it nothing of what I selected appears...

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42 minutes ago, datakick said:

That's hard to anwser. How did you implement the 'extra tab'? What is it, actually?


I am sorry, as you asked where it comes from I recalled that is not a built in feature, you are right, these two modules custom tabs and related products do come from sunnytoo transformer and panda themes...

Thank you for the answer, helped me making up my mind about, I was thinking that were a couple of built in features... ^^ (being a merchant and having to deal also with all this techy stuff can be very distressing, sorry..)

This TB1.1 installation is transplanted from another server, so when I transferred the installation I expected some problems with the PHP version if not using the same one, and in fact it did not work on latest PHP 7.4.

However switching it downwards from version to version i noticed that with 7.1 begun to work and I left it there as seemed fine, so at the moment this vhost is setup to work as follow:

Distro Name: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

PHP: php-fpm

Php Version: 7.1
Apache: Yes
Apache Version: 2.4
Nginx: Yes
Nginx Version: 1.6
Now that I understood my mistakes and confusion I tried to reset the module custom extra tab, apart the fact I lost some data which I need to retrieve, I noticed that anyway does not work as expected, in fact form within the product edit page does not work the same way, meanwhile the tabs created within the module do work, same faulty behaviour.
On the other server worked fine, in this new one not.
Can maybe depend on the php version used or some missing php module/extension?
I know that his is not an issue of TB itself only at this point, however if anyone knows about such a problem any tip is welcome.
Does anyone know which is the higher PHP version in which the transformer theme modded by the sunnytoo guys do work well with tb1.1?
Thank you.
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First of all -- you should update to tb 1.2. A lot of php compatibility issues were fixed there. So that could fix the problem for you.

It might not, in case php compatibility issue comes from third party module. In that case, best thing to do would be to contact module developer. You could also look into error logs, find the error, and post it here. Maybe we can help.

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Hi Datakick

Thank you
I found a log folder in the root, the latest error reported is not about the issue I got, I did search in the folders and found only few log folders/files and none is related to this issue

Where do I find the error log?

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Hi Slick

Yes, it is where I looked, found no errors logged concerning the issue I got.

So I got no info about.

Ok, now I do concentrate to conclude more important tasks, will get back on this afterwards.

Thank you so far

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