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search.php and overrides


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After every TB update we have to revert search.php to an old PS 1.6 file as our SKU’s (reference code) contain special characters (*, -, / etc) and the current search cannot search properly

This is becoming a faff which I tend to forget. I had a brainwave. I tried putting the whole old PS 1.6 search.php file into the overrides/classes folder and it seems to work

Is that OK? adding a whole file as an override?

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It will be merged with tb core file, possibly causing conflicts. The more code override contains, the more friction it can cause.

Just try to put the smallest amount of code that's needed. It will probably be just one or two methods, no more.

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Thanks for the reply. There are far too many differences in the files for me to work out what would be needed. So probably best if I revert to the old practice of replacing the original file and just try to remember after every update

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