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Free shipping starting from x using specific carrier


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Hello! I'm trying to set free shipping just for a carrier, starting from an amount of money (3000 in my case). I see there are two possibilities:

1) from carrier, setting two ranges, 0 to 3000 with the actual price and 3000 to inf with zero

2) setting a cart rule with a minimum of 3000, and setting just the carrier I want to give the free shipping.

I think the second one is the best. I did it, and it shows free shipping but only just after buying, but not in the modal after adding to cart, nor in the summary.

After adding a product that reaches 3000 the modal says:


If I go to checkout:


But, after clicking finish order the rule applies:


Is it expected? the rule is applied only when finishing order, and not when adding products beyond my rule limit.


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Hello again.

Yes, it does what is says it does, displays how much you have to spend to get the general free shipping. That value is read from carriers->preferences, or you have the option to set it in the module's configuration page.

BUT, you don't have the option to show a message for the carrier selected. So if you have different free shipping values from different carriers (like in my case) it's not really useful.

My ideal would be to show, in blockcart/includes/popup.tpl, how much is needed to pass the barrier of the free shipping that's being calculated in the selected carrier in that popup.

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