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Am I missing something obvious?

In the product I can add images and they appear nicely on the product page. I also would like to embed (slider? / Gallery / carousel?) in the actual description. Our products require you to really look at the images to see how the dimensions are measured and many people miss them, so want to embed in the description also


when I try I can only upload NEW images. I can’t embed the existing ones. This means the images need to be uploaded twice onto the server. And if we change the image we would also need to remember to change the images in the description. Seems a waste of server space

Is it possible to use the same images? 

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Well, click on 'Insert/edit images', then enter or paste the image URL into the 'Source' field. One just has to resist to click on this folder icon 🙂

URL of the image should be the URL seen in front office, of course. Like https://example.com/6-Niara_large/coffee-beans.jpg

These description fields are just regular HTML; one can do everything HTML allows. Turning off HTMLPurifier in Preferences -> General helps with the more exotic cases.

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