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multistore modules activation not working



As for attached screenshoot, in a multistore environment, i cannot activate any installed module by shop context on modules configuration page.
If i check the box "Activate this module on this shop context", it try to save  but return just not checked ...
Not shure, but this happen after last upgrade from TB 1.1.x to TB 1.2.x.
No error log at alll, even with debug activated
Any clue why this happen and what is going wrong?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Screenshot_2021-05-11 Moduli e Servizi • Msingrosso.png

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.... i think it should be something to do with database .... but i'm not a developer ...

i can't activate or deactivet any module on selected shop context ....
It is very important to me to find a fix for this problem and i'm willing to pay if someone more expert than me can check it and find a solution ...
Thank you!

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