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Hidden Shipping Option available?


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This may sound strange.... I have smaller items that I know will only be a couple of bucks to ship in an envelope - yet my shipping options start at $15.
Is there a way to set up a shipping option of say $3.00, without it being an option on the Shipping Options page, UNLESS someone tries to check out with that smaller item? So, the $3 shipping option would only show up if they tried to check out with only it in their cart? 

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bo > shipping > carriers > add a new carrier

For the logo I used a post office volume diagram showing width height & depth.
I have not worked-out how to copy an existing courier for all the zones. I had to start from scratch and type "test" as a name and "test" as a delivery time before being allowed to pages two and three to set ranges of volumes, weights and zones.
Half way down each of these pages is

"out of range behaviour" > disable

I used weight but it could be done with volume as well if needed.
This is my summery.


This carrier is not free and the delivery announced is: within a week.

The shipping cost is calculated according to the weight and the tax rule No tax will be applied.

This carrier can deliver orders from 0.00 Kg to 0.10 Kg. If the order is out of range, the behavior is to Disable carrier.

This carrier will be proposed for those delivery zones
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