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Back end stopped working




Can anyone explain what happened and what I need to do to resolve this?

Blank back end but web site still working

No changes have been made by me

Happens in firefox, safari and brave

Logged out and back in same issue, log in page isn't right either

TB 1.0.8 with Panda





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Nobody can answer that based on your description. 

Something must have changed - new module, updated php version, implemented caching system, antivirus, hacked server, etc.

Computer programs rarely stop working without external input. 

Did you look into server logs? What does browser console says?

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It's been a while since I've looked at logs TB just seems to work after you initially get it set up!

Will have to see what the log says if I can remember how to find them.

Was able to access from my phone LTE shortly after sending my plea but not from home AT&T internet ISP

It resolved itself shortly after

Nothing new was done on my end, no updates no new modules nothing just checked for orders and it was blank

Tried other browsers same result wasn't until I checked on my phone that I saw it was working.

So no idea, caching issue somewhere?

I know from past experience if a website changes DNS it takes several days for my home AT&T ISP to catch up usually get a cloudflare page instead for a few days but my phone has the newest version available

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