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Migration Question - PS1.7.7.7 to TB


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I have a store based on PS and we have few basic issues and I can't afford to buy plugins for every single basic think I want to do. So, I came across TB in one of the forum when my AutoUpgrade wizard failed and site was broken.

I want to know if the plugins I bought PS will work on TB?



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TB is based on prestashop 1.6. So if the modules you have also work on PS 1.6 then they should work, but if they are PS1.7 only then there could well be issues.

Hard to be specific without knowing the exact modules / or the purpose of those modules

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I don’t know specifically about those modules, i suppose it would be best to either

1) Reach out to the developers of the specific modules and ask it it works with ThirytyBees

And / or 

2) Install thrirtybees in a test environment and have a go and see what happens,

In theory, every module / theme that works with PS 1.6 should work with ThirtyBees, but there are always exceptions

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