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Chex - full page refresh on quanity change?


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We have just implemented a great little module from Vekia (mypresta.eu) which allows a pop up on when the visitor goes to the cart page if the item is short of stock (we allow back orders)

It works brilliantly, we have 10 items, customer adds 12 to the cart. When they go to the cart page they get a pop up advising them, and letting them know how long the lead time will be

However, and this will be outside the scope of the module, if the stock quantity is changed on the cart page then the pop up is only triggered if the page is refreshed

On CHEX by @datakick, to change the cart quantiy the customer has to click "edit" then change quantity, then click "finished editing". This change the prices etc, but not with a full page refresh (JS?)

Is there a way to force a page refresh (and therefore the pop up will appear) when they click the finished editing button - or would this have other unforseen consequences?


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