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Out of stock product emails



thirty bees 1.0.8
panda 1.3
Can anyone tell me where the customers who requested an IN STOCK email notification are listed for out of stock products using Panda theme?
I've looked through TB stats emails Panda settings etc and can't find where they are listed.
I set TB up so long ago I've forgotten 😞
Also recently saw on the forum that Panda isn't upgraded any longer?
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14 hours ago, 30knees said:


I'm a bit hesitant to add PS modules that may or may not ever be updated or are messy to remove from past PS experience but I might give this a try.

So I guess neither panda or TB has the customer who requested option built in?

Maybe customers requesting notification could be considered to be added in the future

Thank you!



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Looks like module might need to be updated to work with TB?


I unzipped the mail alerts files as instructed uploaded them to the mailalerts module

TB showed the mailalert module needed an update so is one overriding the other?


Tested only new registrations will show correct date by requesting an OOS email and my test also showed 30-1-0001 date like all the old in stock requests


This is the link for anyone else who wants to install this module you must be signed in to prestashop forum for the download to work:




product links go to a 404 page

link goes to:


when the actual product is:



Dates don't show correctly


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