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custom email template and AdvancedEUCompliance module




I want to use some custom emails and email states. The problem is I want that the AdvEUComp. module adds the legal text fields I choose in the module but my custom emails do not show up in the module.

Waht can I do?

Is this configured in the module or in the db? I can hardly remember that Presta did seperate between email templates that come with the installation and ones you create (custom).

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The module is stupid. It performs email search only during installation. And it also looks only inside /mails/en directory, and ignore all theme and modules email templates.

The fix for you is to put your custom email template into this directory, for example /mails/en/my-template.html, and then reset module. If you don't want to reset, you can add the entry into database table tb_aeuc_email manually.

mysql> select * from tb_aeuc_email;
| id_aeuc_email | filename               | display_name           |
|             1 | account                | Account                |
|           ... | ........               | .......                |
|            32 | voucher_new            | Voucher new            |
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