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Ok, weekend has started for me and my children are making noise as usual, but I doubt I would understand here which field is the right one even if it were Monday morning 🙂 I tried context:company but to no avail.

Assuming that I can assign a condition (updated field in my case) and the cron is running each sec, which might be a no-go to do, I wonder if I can reach my goal. All I want is that only customers who fill out the field company are assigned to a  customer group that is allowed to make use of a certain payment option. All others customers shall not see this payment option. Since I choose also Chex I wonder if such a 'real-time' change in payment options is possible.



I wish you a nice and refreshing weekend, too.

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I believe that you are talking about 'company' field stored inside Address. So you will have to base your rule on this record type -- when new address is created / existing address updated, do something.







Then you just have to figure out how to solve situation when customer have multiple addresses, one with company field set and other empty.


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