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PHP 8.2 compatibility


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PHP 8.2 will be officially released soon, on December 8th.

I have tested thirty bees 1.4 on PHP 8.2 release candidate, and the results are mixed.

The good news is that the system does work properly on 8.2. I didn't found any new error or exception. If your store runs on PHP8.1, you should probably run on PHP8.2 as well.

The bad news is that there are a lot of new deprecation warnings. And by lot I mean a lot. It's even worse than the PHP7.4 deprecation warnings, and that was a hell. It will take us a long time to fix these in core and native modules. If you can, please run your test env in PHP8.2, and report all warnings on github.

Unfortunately, most third party modules will have to be tweaked as well, because of the new Dynamic Property deprecation warning. Almost every third party module I looked at was raising this deprecation warning. Fortunately, the fix for these type of errors is usually very easy -- simply declare property as public should be enough in most cases. Sometimes it's not, though.

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6 hours ago, e-com said:

I see on github, that a lot of modules have already been patched.
I have a request to pick up module version, so that their updates will happen and not to do the same job twice.

Fair enough, I will release already fixed modules


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