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Cookie consent module revamp


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Hi there!

Yesterday I found this nice cookie consent framework: https://github.com/orestbida/cookieconsent/

The static integration will be simple imho but would it be possible to use it and make TBs native cookie module from it?

We could have:

  • cookie setup part where the admin can put different types of cookies in different categories.
  • appearance and functionality set up
  • styling
  • links to ToS and Privacy pages, etc.

The framework is active since 2020 and I believe the author is very passionate about it. The appearance and functionality is cutting edge, nothing to add there I believe.

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11 minutes ago, the.rampage.rado said:

1. Project is dead
2. Interface is not appealing
3. Lack of polished features

Is this a dead project?


Never before has anyone made an application whose interface appeals to everyone in the world. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean millions of other people don't like it.

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Not but the said plugin is.

As for the design - yes, you're totally right. In general all my posts here (or in any other forum) express my opinion. Yes, for me the visuals are not that appealing.

Regarding the functionality - is the module depending on their service? Because my suggestion is self-dependent can could be called from localhost, not even call to CDN is needed.

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Totally agree for every other part of the website except those pesky GDPR popups. I believe they should be standardized across platforms and sites as they aim to comply with single law and the user daily have to open and accept few such popups. If they are similar in appearance the user is more familiar with it and quickly can deal with them.

If every site uses their brand colors, different modules, even different 'comply' methods it's a mess for the customer.

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I am very interested to get away from our GDPR cookie solution that is depending on an external service. I have no clue but could it be that both of the above scripts could improve web page loading times if they are hosted locally?

Do you run on of the above?

Do we as merchants need to track the made options of customers in any way (TB db table)?

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