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Unset Feature before setFeature




I have this little function here 

               setFeature($obj->id, 37, $meta->Platform[0]);

The issue here is that it just "adds" the information it don't "set" the value. 

What i like here is that it does "clear" the already selected elements and then "set" the new information. It just need to overwrite/replace the current information with the new one. 

How can i do that.? 

And can i do that when i have selected the "allow multiple values"? 


I want to force update this field : https://take.ms/9fV1A so that we always have the current set by the "script" 

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On 2/24/2023 at 2:21 PM, datakick said:

To dissociate product from all feature values, call



Will this be done to all or just the selected, or do we need to filter it? so that we filter it into the ($obj->id, 37)

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