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  1. Cassim

    Analytics tools

    Remember that most of the new browsers, have blocker installed by standard for google analytics. Also most of the adblockers you can get are running standard analytics blockers. Most of the standard inside the browsers are only blocker google analytics and not the other tracking tools. So you will never ever be able to track 100% all visitors no matter what you do. Its simple not able. So their will always be a gab in numbers.
  2. Cassim

    mailchimp revenue

    Anyone here that know if their is a update from the Mailchimp, to allow the TB module. ?
  3. Cassim

    mailchimp revenue

    @lesley said in mailchimp revenue: Last time I talked to them they only let revenue come from specific platforms and were not letting any new ones use that. So that i need to use the prestashop version and hope its working.?
  4. Hey When i try to make this working, i can't get the revenue over from my TB. So i still in Mailchimp can't see the revenue. Anyone that can help ?
  5. @x97wehner said in Mailchimp webhook not able: I had some issues here as well. I had to create a new API in Mailchimp. Disable the old API. Then in the thirtybees module, I added the new API, added the tax choice, and synced the shop. Then it finally connected. I was able to do a full sync of orders, carts, products, etc right afterward. Still working on getting the CRON jobs running correctly though. Check this blog for some of the details. It's missing some info for us non-developer folks though. https://thirtybees.com/native-modules/new-module-mailchimp/ Thanks This did work for me. But still no revenue in my Mailchimp. :(
  6. Hallo their. Version 1.5 My Mailchimp returns this message, when i try to connect to the site. ""MailChimp webhooks kunne ikke implementeres. Prøv venligst igen. "" In english "" Mailchimp webhooks can't be implementet please try again "" Also i don't send revenue over in Mailchimp. Why is that. ?
  7. Hallo their Will their come a discount code function, so that we can create automatic and uniq discountcodes and track them inside Mailchimp. ?
  8. I can confirm the module is working now. Only thing that don't work on it, is the discount code part. But not sure if that even is incl.
  9. @musicmaster But you can't make it do. this title : Download (productname) now - For just (price) if you buy now - (product description) It can't do that. I can just copy from the description if i understand you right. .
  10. @musicmaster So i can use the Copy from Name, into the field. ? And make it that way. ? As i don't see that obtion http://prntscr.com/jv7qkt Am i missing anything. ? Any module or something. ?? Im running 1.20
  11. @musicmaster said in Prestools - the mass edit toolset: @cassim Do you have any problem doing that now? Its more a request. I love if it can do something like this : Mass update using a code line like this : Buy {productname} for just {pricevat} at {storename} So that you can make a custom meta tag, and fill this automatic to the products without meta tags already. Same goes for meta description.
  12. Any plan to add a meta title mass updater ? @musicmaster
  13. @snowycat We are looking forward to this. ! Do you know when. ? And will it have all the function needed. ? Art. 8 GDPR - Conditions applicable to child's consent The processing of the personal data of a child shall be lawful only if the child is at least 16 years old. Our module has a checkbox to confirm the legal age. Art. 15 GDPR - Right of access by the data subject The data subject has access to the personal data by request. They are able to view / download this from their account. Art. 20 GDPR - Right to data portability Upon request, a package of the personal data is available to download, giving the data subject the option of portability. Art. 17 GDPR - Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) The data subject can request the erasure or anonymization of their personal data. This can be actioned by the store admin in the PrestaShop back-office. Art. 7 - GDPR Conditions for consent (2) Clarity of consent The request for consent is presented in a manner which is clearly distinguishable from the other matters, in an intelligible and easily accessible form. Art. 7 - GDPR Conditions for consent (3) Withdrawal of consent The data subject has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time using the "Control my Privacy" option.
  14. Cassim

    Landing pages

    @snowycat said in Landing pages: @vincentdenkspel @Baarssen @Cassim @Traumflug @lesley , I've just put this "layout module thing" on my todo list to create a working module which offers a basic functionality to create a proper layout. When it's done (no idea when yet....), it shall be placed in the TB marketplace. Regards This sounds great. And i think if you make something like what @smartdatasoft made, just better you even will be able to get payed for it. Thats a module i like to pay for. The same with the @smartdatasoft's module i wanted to pay for that, but again last time i did try it, it did work, but was not really great. But i will have a look on it. If im lucky my developer will be able to get it working. Without losing loading time and stuff like that.
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