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  1. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    Is their a way to fix that so it use the store price that is used instead of the base price ?
  2. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    Im not sure what you mean by that. as I only need 1 price no matter country, vat or anything. my prices are based on currency. And not based on vat or anything other. so how to set a fix price to show no matter what. ?
  3. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    It’s not working if we need a fixed sales price, and have the tax been removed form the sales price, not any other price
  4. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    We are selling digital, that’s the problem 😭 So yeah lots of work to get it working right. but no hot fix it sounds like ?
  5. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    So I know what vat/tax is. thats not the question. the question is how to do it right. how to get tb show the right price. As it is now if I set a price to 10€ it will go down to 9,5€ in Cyprus, as the tax is not taken from the buy price, but it’s added to some other product. so how to do it so that no matter what it always cost 10€ no matter of the Vat?
  6. Cassim

    Tax done right?

    Hey all. So here comes the big question. We are planing to... move into EU. But we have one big issue. We have a WSP that are fixed. So no matter where you live in EU or other, the pay price is fixed. This is even regardless of the VAT/TAX rate. So taking a show here Item 1 fixed sales price 19,99€: How the system needs to work. Customer from Denmark : RSP : 19,99 € (fixed) TAX (25%): 3,99€ RSP without TAX : 15,99 Customer from Cyprus : RSP 19,99 € TAX (19%) : 3,19€ RSP without TAX : 16,8€ So no matter what i do, my TB is doing it wrong, as its doing this : Customer from Denmark : RSP : 19,99 € (fixed) TAX (25%): 3,99€ RSP without TAX : 15,99€ Customer from Cyprus : RSP 18,92 € TAX (19%) : 3,02€ RSP without TAX : 15,99€ So how do i get my vat to work in the right way.? So that if i change country & vat-rate, the price will stay the same, but just the tax amount will change.? Will that be a custom coding part, or is their a setting or something to do this?
  7. Cassim

    Analytics tools

    Remember that most of the new browsers, have blocker installed by standard for google analytics. Also most of the adblockers you can get are running standard analytics blockers. Most of the standard inside the browsers are only blocker google analytics and not the other tracking tools. So you will never ever be able to track 100% all visitors no matter what you do. Its simple not able. So their will always be a gab in numbers.
  8. Cassim

    mailchimp revenue

    Anyone here that know if their is a update from the Mailchimp, to allow the TB module. ?
  9. Cassim

    mailchimp revenue

    @lesley said in mailchimp revenue: Last time I talked to them they only let revenue come from specific platforms and were not letting any new ones use that. So that i need to use the prestashop version and hope its working.?
  10. Hey When i try to make this working, i can't get the revenue over from my TB. So i still in Mailchimp can't see the revenue. Anyone that can help ?
  11. @x97wehner said in Mailchimp webhook not able: I had some issues here as well. I had to create a new API in Mailchimp. Disable the old API. Then in the thirtybees module, I added the new API, added the tax choice, and synced the shop. Then it finally connected. I was able to do a full sync of orders, carts, products, etc right afterward. Still working on getting the CRON jobs running correctly though. Check this blog for some of the details. It's missing some info for us non-developer folks though. https://thirtybees.com/native-modules/new-module-mailchimp/ Thanks This did work for me. But still no revenue in my Mailchimp. :(
  12. Hallo their. Version 1.5 My Mailchimp returns this message, when i try to connect to the site. ""MailChimp webhooks kunne ikke implementeres. Prøv venligst igen. "" In english "" Mailchimp webhooks can't be implementet please try again "" Also i don't send revenue over in Mailchimp. Why is that. ?
  13. Hallo their Will their come a discount code function, so that we can create automatic and uniq discountcodes and track them inside Mailchimp. ?
  14. I can confirm the module is working now. Only thing that don't work on it, is the discount code part. But not sure if that even is incl.
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