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Shipstation Webservice error 401



Trying to set up shipstation but getting error 401 invalid credentials?

Did all the following settings including these settings in webservice directory:

.httaccess 0644

0755 for dispatcher and index.php

Enable TB webservice>yes Enable CGI mode for PHP>yes or no made no difference

0_1501288347227_Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 8.31.39 PM.png

Called my host, they told me everything is ok to contact shipstation :(

Thought I'd check in here as well...am I missing something obvious?

generated key

set resources:

addresses GET carriers Get countries GET customers GET order states Get orders GET & PUT products GET combinations GET

Yes store was out of maintenance for test! :)

Found this post so it's happened before with PS but I didn't do a data import it's first time set up for me


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