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Issues after migration to Thirtybees 1.3


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After migration from Prestashop to Thirtybees1.3 I get two major issues:

- Using One page checkout I get error 500 

- Using the 5 steps check-out - no payment method installed. I have enabled the custom payment method and created a cash-on-delivery method.  Strange is that on the currency section, the checkboxes aren't tick-able. Also I notice that despite having the customers groups enabled, in the database table `ps_custom_payment_method_group` has no data. I couldn't find any database table related with the currency, not sure if should be one.

I am using PHP 7.0. image.thumb.png.73250655f80f20b3b7cd974a3942acc1.png

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You definetly should not stick to 1.3.

What is your current php version?

After 1.3 you should switch to 1.4 then switch to php 7.4 and update to edge. Currently edge is compatible with php8 but you should be careful around your installed 3rd party modules with php 7.4 and 8.

Step by step and with our help you should be able to update it to the latest version. Just always keep a backup of your files and your DB on each step so you can revert back.

Reasons to update to edge:
- code optimization for modern php versions

- speed and compatibility imrpovements

- bugfixes

- at least 10 security fixes since 1.4

- new features

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Indeed, but first I have to make this work so I can go live with it. Unfortunately, I need the payment method to work first. Next will be to assess the 4 third-party modules and I might need to change the theme as the current one is a child of default-bootstrap. 

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I have tried it, but unfortunately, it doesn't work, most probably because the version in use is an old one. I solve it with a very dirty solution :classic_sad: I installed the bankwire module and redone the translations as a cash-of-delivery module. 

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