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Chex module - edit address and show phone number



Hi @datakick,

A customer made us aware that one can't edit an address (not change to a different address) in Chex. Also, the phone number associated to an address is not visible.

Can Chex "edit" addresses or at least have a link so that customers can edit an address? And could Chex show the phone number associated to an address?

Background: A customer chose Klarna as a payment method and a saved address with an old/incorrect phone number. Klarna checks the phone number and she couldn't pay. 



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I'll look into it. I will probably not add an option to modify the address, but I could add link to admin address page where they can modify it.

This also bring out the (generic thirtybees) question what impact has modifying address on existing orders. I think that when we modify address, invoices for old orders will reflect that. And there may be some weird issues when you add/remove vat number... 

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