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Datakick's Revws error


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Hi   (TB 1.4 pre latest version .. Revws - Product Reviews v2.3.1 - by DataKick)

I recently started using clarity to see what is actually happening when customers visit my site.

Anyway they tried 3 times to leave a review but kept getting this error

the link was definitely a review link that was sent to customer, other customers have left reviews

Any ideas


Screenshot 2023-08-23 222956.jpg

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Review request link looks like this


When the link is generated and send by email, parameter <SECRET> is calculated as md5("<ID><ACTION><SALT>")

where <SALT> is secret key stored in database, not visible to customer,

When customer click on email, EmailAction controller once again calculates the secret using <ID>, <ACTION>, and then matches it with provided <SECRET> parameter.

If the calculated hash value is different, link is rejected, and permission denied is thrown.

This can happen only if one of the following is true:

  • parameter <ID> in url has been changed
  • parameter <ACTION> in url has been changed
  • parameter <SECRET> in url has been changed
  • secret <SALT> was changed (in the database -- for example by resetting module)


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