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Category Controller Broken in BO?


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Do you have also issues when saving categories?

I had this in my teststore. Now I have it also in the live store. I just saved a category X and now the tree in BO is completly broken. I can't find them anymore there...


@datakick is the complexity with level_depth, nleft, nright, is_root_category any good for? To me this looks overcomplex and that's why it's no wonder, that its kind of broken.

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The issue is in public function isParentCategoryAvailable($idShop) in Category Class. IMO it doesn't join the category correctly. I have 3 shops. (id_shop=3 is the default one). But in ps_category I have some entries, that have id_shop_default=1 (don't ask me how I can even controll this as an user). 

In this case isParentCategoryAvailable($idShop) returns false, even if a category is associated to shop with id_shop=3. 


Should be changed to:

->join(Shop::addSqlAssociation('category', 'c', true, null, true))


This is a very edge case, which explains why I am probably the only one suffering from it 🙄

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