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Introducing Remove Account


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Last week we have released new premium module Remove account.

This module adds your customers an option to request account deletion, directly from their customer account in front office. 


Account is not immediately deleted, but rather scheduled for deletion. Your customers can change their mind during the waiting period.

Merchants have the option to approve or reject the deletion request. Or you can set it up to automatically approve account deletions.

Technical notes: Customer account is not really deleted. Rather, all customer data are merged with one (hidden) customer account. This removes all personal information from customer record (compliance with GDPR), yet it keeps data for accounting and statistics purposes.

Invoices are kept intact, as required by (most EU) laws. PII data on invoices are not subject to GDPR law, so it's OK to keep customer name, email, or address there even after account deletion.

Let us know what other functionality would you like in this module. 

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