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Error after upgrade


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Any Help please Got this error come back while trying to edit a discount..

Not good enough to work it out myself, I wish I could though.

Also, received the email error, but has URL details in 




[] operator not supported for strings

in file classes/controller/AdminController.php at line 594

Source file: classes/controller/AdminController.php

575:                }
577:                // If the method named after the action exists, call "before" hooks, then call action method, then call "after" hooks
578:                if (!empty($this->action) && method_exists($this, 'process'.ucfirst(Tools::toCamelCase($this->action)))) {
579:                    // Hook before action
580:                    Hook::triggerEvent('actionAdmin'.ucfirst($this->action).'Before', ['controller' => $this]);
581:                    Hook::triggerEvent('action'.get_class($this).ucfirst($this->action).'Before', ['controller' => $this]);
582:                    // Call process
583:                    $return = $this->{'process'.Tools::toCamelCase($this->action)}();
584:                    // Hook After Action
585:                    Hook::triggerEvent('actionAdmin'.ucfirst($this->action).'After', ['controller' => $this, 'return' => $return]);
586:                    Hook::triggerEvent('action'.get_class($this).ucfirst($this->action).'After', ['controller' => $this, 'return' => $return]);
588:                    return $return;
589:                }
590:            }
591:        } catch (Throwable $e) {
592:            if ($this->postProcessHandleExceptions) {
593:                static::getErrorHandler()->logFatalError(ErrorUtils::describeException($e));
594:                $this->errors[] = $e->getMessage();
595:            } else {
596:                if ($e instanceof PrestaShopException) {
597:                    throw $e;
598:                } else {
599:                    throw new PrestaShopException($e->getMessage(), 0, $e);
600:                }
601:            }
602:        }
604:        return false;

Stack trace


PHP version: 8.0.28.  Code revision: 1.5.1 build for PHP 8.0


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Not able to replicate the operators not supported issue. What exactly did you do so we can replicate it? Post screenshots of your discount, if possible so I can try and replicate. Also, could you post the second part of the error log as it's very helpful too? Thanks!


The email 'issue' is not an issue or a bug, it's a feature change that enables smoother progression.

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