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In BO, when I want to visualise an order, I get 500 error


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In BO, when I want to visualise an order, I get a 500 error. Is there a way to debug this? I have tried with the debug on, but it didn't show anything. It happens suddenly... 

In console I get 2 errors:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token index.php:117 

Failed to load index.php:1 resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

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In order to debug the most of your shop you will always need to have installed this module:


It collects and displays in a userfriendly manner nearly all errors (notices and warnings also, depending of it's configuration) and you will have a handy tool to debug and fix most of your issues.

If it shows nothing next time when you encounter this issue it might be helpful to turn (temporarily!!!) the debug mode:

Advanced->Performance and turn ON 'Debug Mode' and you can have 'Display deprecation warnings' always ON.

Then go to your problematic page and it should show vital error information. (which should also be populated in your error_log in your root folder (accessible by ftp)).

Most probably you have some module that hooks in there and is not compatible with your current php version.

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thanks a lot for this. The issue was with a postal code being wrong hence the module for dealing with the delivery threw an error. I wouldn't have managed to figure it out without Collect PHP Logs.

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