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Problem with installing override module



When installing a module that overwrites blocknewsletter module, I get this error:

The following module(s) could not be installed properly:
    googlecaptcha :
        Unable to install override: Failed to evaluate override file /home/iwona/public_html/tbshop/modules/googlecaptcha/override/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.php: syntax error, unexpected token "extends", expecting "{" at line 2

Code of the file blocknewsletter.php


class BlocknewsletterOverride extends Blocknewsletter
    public function confirmSubscription($email)
        if (Module::isEnabled('googlecaptcha') && ($module = Module::getInstanceByName('googlecaptcha')) && $module->hookValidate('newsletter')) {
        if (Context::getContext()->controller->errors) {
            return false;
        return parent::confirmSubscription($email);

Thirty bees version: 1.6.0
Thirty bees revision: db85aa271005ab890a8c3a9711a3cca9722d5095
Build for PHP version: 8.3


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