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PayPal module issues


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We've run into a little issue with the PayPal module after we did some updates. We have created new keys and all that, but the error still shows up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it throws an error. Anyone with the same experience?

TB 1.6 .0, Php 8.2.17, PayPal 5.6.1

Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-27 um 16.05.54.png

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Hello,  TB  1.6  ?  (Bleeding Edge?)

are there any other errors regarding php 8 ?  Do you have checked this all before?

There seems to be 2 or more Paypal modules,  maybe some old stuff from the early days and/or  PS stuff,  please check this and use only the correct Paypal module for tb.   What updates do you made before? Maybe an update to php 8?

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We're running bleeding edge, yes. I dont thinl we have any major php issues. Database scheme throws no errors at least. We got a few other hick-ups regarding the "online visitors" link (500 server error. been with us for a while), but besides that I believe everything is as it should. I belibve we were on php8.0 before the update

I think we managed to solve it somehow.

We experienced another error as well, but the last one occured when tweaking the PP-settings via their page, so this shouldn't be a TB/Module-issue. The "Authentication failed" error came around when we updated the keys for the second time. First It went from working (updated to latest PP-module with new keys) to being on and off without us doing anything, to working again (so far) with new keys. We'll keep an extra eye open and test regurlarly ourselves.

Hope it makes sense. Let me know if anyone else should run into the same issues and need more info. 

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