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Which flag makes the order status to restock the items?



I would like to make 'a sleeper status' for all fraud orders. And I want to name it with some obscure name like 'Pending' or something like that so the scammers don't see 'Canceled' in their profiles.

But I want for this status to be able to restock all products in my shop and I don't want any further emails to be sent to them.


(this is Canceled options).

I'm unable to see which flag here makes the restock action.

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Thank you!

"Hide this status in all customer orders." is something that will work as a workaround I think. Not many orders I have that go to Canceled - only those that are fraud, duplicated or test orders from me. So those that are fraud will show the last state before Cancelled, which is 100% working and the only issue is duplicated orders but those customers are contacted prior to this cancelation so they will not get confused if they see the wrong status couple days after that.

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