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Display FAQ hook in different places when using multistore

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I would like to display the FAQ snippets on another place because I added it to a section that is not visible in the design I use in the new shops I added later.

Could we use something like that because it's not showing and I don't know if the code is wrong or?

	{if isset($id_shop) && $id_shop == 3}
		{hook h='displayFAQs' entityType='product' entityId=$product->id}


I made it work with different approach, instead of shop ID I detect the domain and as I only have one shop where the design is different I reversed the if clause:

	{if $smarty.server.HTTP_HOST|strstr:'domain.com'}
	  {* Default content if no domain match *}
	  {hook h='displayFAQs' entityType='product' entityId=$product->id}


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In smarty templates you can only use variables that were passed by controller. id_shop doesn't seems to be one of them

You can call static methods from templates, though.  You could add following line at the top of your template to declare this variable:

{$id_shop = Context::getContext()->shop->id}

And then use your original code (you don't need need isset() check anymore)

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