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Beware of modules that turn off error reporting


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I'm sure most of you know, and are using collectlogs module. If you are in need to update PHP versions of your store, this is very useful tool. It collects and report all deprecation warnings inside core/modules/themes that you need to fix before you can update to next PHP version. Once all warnings are fixed, it is very safe to update. I've very rarely experienced issues with update when all warnings were fixed before.

I have recently updated php version for one store, but this time it went badly. The site displayed 500 after the update, and it took some time to get it working. I had to fix a lot of issues that should have been detected by collectlogs module, but weren't.

Well, it turned out, that there was one module that was kind enough to turn off error reporting inside its constructor. So every time this module was used, all subsequent warnings were silently ignored. After update of PHP version, those warnings were no longer warnings but regular errors, and nobody can ignore that...

I suggest you look into your modules main php files and look for 




It can looks like this: https://github.com/Hritani/matar/blob/9645ec14a0d8ca9fa2f7644b0b7b28c3f3bf76b4/modules/hooksmanager/hooksmanager.php#L8

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