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Thirty Bees Logo on my Panda theme site?



How did this happen?

Not live yet so not a problem but if it was....wouldn't be too happy!

Pushy little bees shoved my logo all the way right and was also the logo in BO

Who did that? :) It wasn't there yesterday! Do I get today's coffee and tea sales? :) :) :)

0_1503687736614_Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.59.12 PM.png

0_1503687755110_Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.00.05 PM.png

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Forgot to mention this happened with Panda.

I've been trying to get top page logo and banner placements in Panda for the last week, index page never stuck all other pages were fine. Had to use his extra banner module for placement to get it on the index page, then two would show up on mobile. Complete mess I couldn't sort.

Logged in today to find TB logo, replaced it with a 1x1 image to delete since Panda logo shows up twice if I add in the normal place.

Now all of a sudden my logo is on all pages where it is supposed to be when I turned it on in the extra banner module! Still have the little version of my banner that got shoved to the right. Trying to get rid of that one now :)

Completely baffled how this happened. Nobody is working on it but me.

I have a lot of caching issues, come back later in the day and changes finally show up no matter how I try to clear them.

Is it possible my LTE internet is caching things that I can't clear? Other than that I have no idea how TB logo showed up except I updated to 1.0.3

Jonny is working on compatibility in about a week, having a lot of crashes on mobile so I'm holding off going live because of that.

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