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Using packs and combinations - a possibility (or is there another solution)?


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It's not possible at the moment to use packs and combinations. Why is this? For my purposes, it would be great to be able to do so.

An example:

I sell widgets singly and in packs.

10 single widgets = 1 pack of widgets

I'd like the customer to be able to select on the product page:

( ) 1 Widget ( ) 1 Pack of Widgets (= 10 Widgets)

I can add each of these as individual combinations/attributes. But, then I have to maintain a separate stock for each.

If I have 100 widgets, I would eg need to enter as stock:

50 single widgets 5 widget packs (because 1 pack is 10 single widgets)

If for some reason I sell out of widget packs, I have to manually go into single widget stock, reduce eg by 20 there and add 2 widget packs to the widget pack stock.

According to my understanding of packs, if packs could have combinations, I could have single widgets and then create a pack of these as a second combination, in a way, so that the customer would see:

50 single widgets 5 widget packs (because 1 pack is 10 single widgets)

and the stock of the widget packs would be automatically calculated from the single widgets.

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There's quite a few threads on the packs of combinations as a requested feature. It's something a lot of people would like to see in TB 1.1. However, it'd probably take a lot of development so I don't know how feasible it would be.

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I guess another solution would be to not approach it as packs, but to have one combination/attribute depend on the other and specify their relationship.


50 single widgets 5 widget packs (and then specify that 1 widget pack is comprised out of 10 single widgets - the system could automatically calculate the appropriate quantities)

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It needs to be packs of combinations as you need the ability to sell different products that have options but also the ability to sell those individually. As has been pointed out in another thread, the premise is the same as that from Magento using the custom built computer example. I have no idea as to the complexity of it all though but think it'd have to be core rather than a module.

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